Twitter is going to start charging users $20 each month for blue badges for verified users, Beginning in November

Twitter is going to start charging users $20 each month for blue badges for verified users, Beginning in November

The platform will undoubtedly undergo significant modifications now that Elon Musk is in charge of it. Reporters have learned from people who are still employed at the social media network that Musk has ordered them to add paid verification to Twitter. The Verge reported in a recent article Musk has instructed Twitter staff to broaden the scope of the company's Twitter Blue membership. Currently, $5 per month buys access to a select group of capabilities that are only available to Twitter Blue members, including editing tweets, getting new features sooner, and a few other features. Musk wants the monthly fee for each Twitter Blue user to be hiked to $20. Users will also receive the much sought-after Blue Tick or verified badge from Twitter for that $20.

Therefore, Musk wants the option to be available to everyone who is willing and ready to pay to have a verified profile, rather than determining if a user is genuinely important or a significant user who utilises the platform.

If they wish to maintain their Blue Ticks, current users who have already had their accounts verified must sign up for the new, more expensive version of Twitter Blue. Verified users would have 90 days to subscribe under the present arrangement in order to keep their Blue Ticks.

The deadline for launching the feature is November, and Twitter staff allocated to the project were informed of this on Sunday. If they fail to fulfil this goal, they risk being fired. The likelihood that the functionality will be released actually next week is thus quite high. Because of this, a number of project engineers and managers have been working through the weekend as well.

Last year, Twitter launched the Twitter Blue membership, which allows users to have an ad-free experience on the network and read ad-free articles from certain publishers. Advertising maintained the great bulk of Twitter's revenue in the few quarters following its first public offering. Musk has claimed that he intends for subscriptions to account for 50% of the company's total income.

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